Welcome to Kinesto – A platform that works for you

Wed, Feb 8th, 2017 @ 11:00am
As business owners, often times the tasks you should be doing are not those that you want to be doing.  The goal of Kinesto is to provide a single platform that allows anyone to run a business from any place and upgrade the way that business is run by providing accountability through a centralized platform. This means there is no need to sync up with colleagues because everything is available from a single tool.

Thanks to the modern web we can now automate many of the tasks that lead to a companies success by tracking information that is specific to their company and generate customized reports that target the specific goals of their organization. This allows software to work for your business without the need to make concessions.

One tool to do it all

We provide a single platform that allows you to track contacts and companies using our CRM and find new customers using our social media and website tools to communicate with leads. Our robust CRM profiles allow opportunities to be tracked, notes to be kept and text messages to be sent all from a single view.  

Support tools to manage issues, problems and common customer requests along with maintaining a knowledge base to provide an avenue for customers to find answers to their problems. We even help track common requests using our wish list so you can better plan expansion of your business with the power of data behind decisions.

Additionally, our communication tools allow you to deliver email or SMS text messages directly to existing CRM contacts. This includes the ability to perform two way messaging and communicate with customers using any method that they prefer. Using the power of drip campaigns you can quickly create campaigns that perform the high volume tasks which Kinesto can automate and perform for you.
Using our powerful workflow rule engine, you can also enable the power of automation by delivering SMS or email messages when you demand. New ticket created and you want to send a text message or email to a specific individual? Should you only send an alert when the contents of the request contain specific words? Workflows provide the automation that creates less work for your organization.

It should be easy to edit the system to work for anyone - anytime

In addition to high user fees you shouldn’t need a consultant to get a system working for your business only to be told it can’t do that and force a system to work with your business. You should have the capability to quickly modify forms and reports to reflect your needs. 

We find it key to experiment with our data and cannot afford to wait to see results. Because of this a simple drag and drop customization tool was a key goal that would allow anyone inside an organization with access to quickly modify forms and reports.

As part of our initial launch we offer 11 types of reports to be generated with 5 xAxis per chart. You can use five filters to narrow your data down to what matters. There are hundreds of possible combinations allowing your to get a clear view of your company using the chart types you expect such as line, spline, bar, column, pie, donut and gauges.  

Reporting capabilities are worthless without good data making forms equally important to ensure your capturing the data that is valuable to your organization. We offer seven different field types to use. Single line input, multi-line inputs with text editor capabilities, toggle switches to simplify Yes/No entries, drop downs and the ability to add headers to easily organize them.

Kinesto works for you

We believe that intelligently designed, simple to use and user friendly tools can improve customer experiences through automation and an integrated platform that allows users to accomplish goals from a single platform. All from a single login without the need to à la carte your subscription.

In the next few months we will be adding the ability to establish drip campaigns, track inventory, manage invoices and generate quotes.  Have an idea? Let us know!

We can’t wait to see how users apply our platform to their business and will actively work to achieve our goal of a single platform that works for any business.

We will also be detailing ‘recipes’ for how to apply workflows that work for specific industries. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more details.

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