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Customizable Reporting

Reporting tools powerful enough to show you exactly what you are looking for. Our filters allow you to quickly generate a report that reflects your business and goals.


Businesses and agencies of all types use Kinesto to manage their Facebook Pages, Events or Groups to publish content and engage with fans. Draft posts for one or many Pages, Events or Groups and attach images as well.


Manage your Twitter profile by publishing content and engaging with fans. Draft posts for one or many profiles and attach images.

Impactful Social Media Tools

Draft, schedule, queue and post messages to Twitter, Facebook from one window. With a single platform, Kinesto centralizes all of your social activity to help you gain efficiency and find real results.

Post Multiple Images To Your Posts

Kinesto helps you make exceptional posts that followers will remember by sending multiple images to your Facebook Pages or personal feed.

Powerful Workflow Customization

Automate your business by automatically updating and creating records while staying informed with powerful communications. Be notified by SMS or email when events match your workflow rules. Was an entry submitted that equals, is not equal to or contains a customizable value? With our amazing workflow tool you can control your data.

Easily create custom workflows for virtually any operational process. Change or refine your application anytime with ease.

Actively Developed

Kinesto gets updated every week to add new features to make your team even more productive. Have a cool idea? Let us know and we will do our best to bring your feature to life!

By having the ability to schedule social media posts you can maintain an active presence by queuing content ahead of time. Manage multiple accounts from one location to minimize your effort for maximum results.

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Time Spent Daily One Week One Month One Year
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10 seconds 1 minute 10 seconds 5 minutes 1 hour 50 seconds
30 seconds 3 minutes 30 seconds 15 minutes 3 hours 2 minutes 30 seconds
1 minute 7 minutes 30 minutes 6 hours 5 minutes
1 1/2 minutes 10 minutes 30 seconds 45 minutes 9 hours 7 minutes 30 seconds
5 minutes 35 minutes 2 hours 30 minutes 1 day 6 hours 25 minutes
10 minutes 1 hour 10 minutes 5 hours 2 days 12 hours 50 minutes
30 minutes 3 hours 30 minutes 15 hours 7 days 14 hours 30 minutes
1 hour 7 hours 1 day 6 hours 15 days 5 hours
  Feature Professional  
  Social Media Management  
  Support Management  
  Website Management  
  Dedicated Phone Number **  
  100 Monthly SMS Messages Included  
  $0.03 Per SMS Text Message  
  100 Monthly Email Messages Included  
  $0.0008 Per Additional Email  
  Call Logging  
  Lead, Contact & Deal Management Tools  
  Unlimited Access to All Tools  
  Unique Website  
  Control Who Can Access Content  
  Easy to Collaborate Online  
  Cancel Anytime  

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