Kinesto is a powerful CRM, SMS text messaging, ticketing and social media management platform.

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Quickly track prospects, close deals and generate customized reports using our powerful customer relationship management system.


Send messages directly to your contacts using either email or SMS. Define a campaign to run at a desired interval or distribute a one time message.

Social Media Management

Social media management doesn't need to be a chore. Using our service you can create and schedule messages and reply to conversations from a single tool. Allowing you to link access to multiple social media platforms.

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This is the same tool that we use to run our own businesses. Kinesto provides everything you need to start a business and everything you need to watch it grow in a single online tool.

The power of integration allows our CRM, Communication, Support, Social Media and Website management tools to provide customization that no other tool can match.

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How much time could you save automating each task for your business?

Time Spent Daily One Week One Month One Year
1 Second 7 seconds 30 seconds 6 minutes 5 seconds
10 seconds 1 minute 10 seconds 5 minutes 1 hour 50 seconds
30 seconds 3 minutes 30 seconds 15 minutes 3 hours 2 minutes 30 seconds
1 minute 7 minutes 30 minutes 6 hours 5 minutes
1 1/2 minutes 10 minutes 30 seconds 45 minutes 9 hours 7 minutes 30 seconds
5 minutes 35 minutes 2 hours 30 minutes 1 day 6 hours 25 minutes
10 minutes 1 hour 10 minutes 5 hours 2 days 12 hours 50 minutes
30 minutes 3 hours 30 minutes 15 hours 7 days 14 hours 30 minutes
1 hour 7 hours 1 day 6 hours 15 days 5 hours

Support Management

Quickly assign tickets to the proper departments or staff to solve issues quickly. ITIL support system allows escalation of issues to problems and tracks all affected tickets.


Our powerful RSS reader allows you to stay on top of all industry news from one helpful tool. Using the powerful RSS detection you can quickly add new sources by entering just the website URL.

Website Management

Each subscription includes a website for your business to allow your customers to contact you and have the information captured automatically assigned to their CRM profile.

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per user/month
SMS fees are an additional 3¢ per message

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You won't get stuck, but if you have any questions or need some help we will be there for you.